Client Successes

At DFI, we want to see our clients succeed by having flexible, creative financial solutions.


Here are a few of the solutions we’ve provided to some of our clients:

Town/Worth LLCADA Technologies, Inc.Advanced Distributed Sensor SystemsBudget KutsCEAVCODebit Technologies, Inc.Hoover Materials Handling GroupPriviaRMEAState of ColoradoWise Motels, Inc.

Town/Worth LLC.

Situation: Needed a new server to extend their infrastructure for their expanding business that would tie together data for their wholesale showroom company and 3 interior design locations.

Solution: DFI provided a FMV lease for the new server and services to go with it.

Results: Town/Worth, LLC was able to get the equipment that they needed bundled with the services to maintain it for a lower monthly fee. For a small business, with a minimal technology infrastructure this was a great help.


ADA Technologies, Inc.

Situation: ADA Technologies, a research, development and commercialization company that specializes in the creation and conversion of innovative technologies were looking to enhance their suite of IT equipment.

Solution: DFI worked directly with ADA Technologies’ senior management to carefully understand their overall business needs to provide lease alternatives tailored to their business’ operating requirements.

Results: With this IT Equipment Lease, ADA Technologies was able to purchase the equipment necessary to continue the firm’s R&D efforts to address problems that have a significant impact on the health, security, environment and quality of life around the world.


Advanced Distributed Sensor Systems

Situation: Advanced Distributed Senor Systems, a spin-off of ADA Technologies, needed new analytical equipment along with office furniture for their new facilities.

Solution: DFI was able to develop with the right mix of operating leases for Advanced Distributed Senor Systems’ business needs.

Results: With this Office Furniture Lease, ADSS was able to obtain the analytical equipment office furniture for their new office.

Budget Kuts

Budget Kuts

Situation: Budget Kuts was in need of a new point of sale system to help streamline their operations.

Solution: DFI worked with Budget Kuts and Rogers Software Development, developer of the SuperSalon POS software, and to understand their needs and build a custom solution.

Results: With this Point of Sale System Lease, Budget Kuts was able to implement their new system in a cost effective manner with the funding provided by DFI.

CEAVCO Audio-Visual


Situation: CEAVCO, a national audiovisual company, approached DFI to lease additional computers and software, as the company was currently leasing computer systems through DFI.

Solution: Due to DFI’s existing relationship with CEAVCO and familiarity with the company’s financials, DFI was able to make a swift decision and fund the deal quickly.

Results: With this IT Equipment Lease, CEAVCO was able to acquire the computer equipment and software they needed to support company operations.

Debit Technologies, Inc.

Situation: Debit Technologies, Inc. (DTI), a Denver-based tech company, was growing rapidly but did not want to tie up cash reserves purchasing the equipment it needed to continue its current pace of business.

Solution: DFI partnered with DTI to generate recurring leases to help manage the company’s growth without tying up its cash. Because of the ongoing nature of the leases, little maintenance is required and all transactions are debited on the same day of the month, which makes the accounting process streamlined.

Results: DTI’s business continues to grow. In addition to the ongoing leases provided by DFI, the company has developed a strategic plan to utilize some of its cash and available credit to purchase additional equipment moving forward.

Hoover Materials Handling Group

Hoover Materials Handling Group

Situation: Hoover Materials Handling Group needed an automated welding system to help streamline their new manufacturing facility in Houston, TX.

Solution: DFI provided an equipment lease for Hoover Materials and collaborated with Wolf Robotics, who designed a system specifically for the Hoover Materials business.

Results: With this Robotic Welding System Lease, Hoover Materials gained the welding system they were seeking with customized payment terms.



Situation: Privia, a governmental bid and proposal management solutions company, came to DFI looking for a lease for new hardware and software. Their recent change of ownership presented a challenge with the lease, as most lenders viewed the company as a start-up.

Solution: While most leasing companies won’t structure a lease if a business hasn’t been under same ownership for three or more years, DFI looked at the whole picture with Privia. Their new ownership status wasn’t as clear cut as it seemed, and coupled with solid financials and a great business plan, DFI was confident about structuring the agreement with Privia.

Results: With this Equipment lease, Privia has their new hardware and software in place after funding their equipment lease through DFI.


Rocky Mountain Electrical and Automation

Situation: Rocky Mountain Electrical and Automation came to DFI looking for help in financing a new telephone system.Solution: DFI provided a variety of leasing options to the client and ultimately recommended a capital lease with affordable lease terms.


Results: DFI was able to quickly and easily qualify Rocky Mountain Electrical and Automation for the lease and the company was able to purchase and install the new telephone system with this Telephone System Lease.

State Seal of Colorado

State Of Colorado

Situation: The State of Colorado required an upgrade to new data storage hardware. They sought a lease that would end concurrent with their existing 24-month lease. They were already 5 months into their existing lease, which would require a 19-month lease — not a standard lease time frame.

Solution: DFI worked diligently to structure a flexible lease length to enable the State of Colorado to have their leases co-terminus with one another.

Results: With this Municipal Government Lease, the State of Colorado was able to purchase the necessary equipment with the flexible lease terms they desired.

Wise Motels

Wise Motels, Inc.

Situation: Wise Models, is a family owned company who operates several Super 8 Motels throughout Iowa. Like many medium-sized businesses, Wise Motels is always on the lookout for ways to reduce operating expenses, particularly energy costs.

Solution: DFI consulted with the management team at Wise Motels to better understand their business. They also met with Energy Conservation Products, a manufacturer’s representative company that provides energy related products designed to help customers operate their machinery more efficiently. When a local leasing company was unable to finance the Utiliguard system Wise Motels wanted to purchase from Energy Conservation Products, DFI found a creative alternative and got the lease approved.

Results: DFI developed a lease arrangement that helped Wise Motels better manage their cash flow and allowed them to take full advantage of the guaranteed energy savings provided by the Utiliguard system.

Client Successes