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More Companies Optimistic About Economy & Hiring

April 4, 2012

According to a recent article by the Associated Press, “A growing number of chief executives at large U.S. companies say they are more optimistic about the economy and plan to step up hiring. The brighter view from the boardroom comes after the best three months of job growth in two years.”

We see this as a good sign that the economy may have turned a corner and many companies will be looking to make significant investments in technology, operational improvements and talent.  If your company’s entering into a growth mode, you will have to decide whether to conserve or utilize your working capital.  Should you secure a line of credit or bank loan?  Lease or pay cash?  The timing is right to consider how you will invest in the necessary resources to grow your business without over-leveraging.

Read the full article: “More CEOs of big companies say they’re in a hiring mode.”

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