Recently Funded Equipment Leases August 2011

Dynamic Funding, Inc is pleased to share with you our recently funded equipment leases:

  • Industry: Food Processing, Financed: $35K, Location: California, Equipment: Warehouse management solutions equipment, Terms: 36 months, Capital lease
  • Industry: Commercial Signs, Financed: $26K, Location: Colorado, Equipment: Computers & Laptop equipment, Terms: 36 months, Operating lease
  • Industry: Technology Development, Financed: $10K, Location: Colorado, Equipment: Tape Library, Terms: 24 months, Operating lease
  • Industry: Grocery & Liquor Store (Startup company), Financed: $66K, Location: Colorado, Equipment: Point of Sale System, Terms: 24 months, Operating lease


Orion First Financial 10th Anniversary Conference

By Jim Tarbel

I attended the Orion First Financial 10th Anniversary Conference July 25 and 26, 2011 in Gig Harbor, WA.  The Orion management team updated Orion partners, banks and vendors on Orion First Financial and Mintaka Financial status, business plans and outlook.  Conference was very positive.  Dynamic Funding is a partner in both Orion and Mintaka.  We continue to fund equipment leases with Mintaka and have Orion service the leases.  Our focus on operating leases fits well with Mintaka and Orion capabilities.  We’re planning to do more business with Mintaka and Orion.