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Dynamic Funding, Inc. (DFI) is a Colorado-based equipment leasing company that offers a consultative approach to delivering customized, commercial financing services to businesses throughout the U.S.

Founded in 1996, DFI is a full-service lessor that provides equipment financing for technology assets, software and services, and just about any equipment necessary to operate your business. We market our services directly to our end customers through partnerships with equipment manufacturers, distributors, resellers, software providers and technology consultants.

Flexible, Efficient Lease Financing Solutions

Because we are an independent lessor, we have the ability to be flexible and creative with our financing solutions and provide an efficient approval process. We value our long-standing relationships with customers and referral business partners and are perfectly postured to help customers acquire new equipment and technology through an operating lease or capital lease that best suits their needs.

Personable, Small Business Loan Solutions

Our hands-on independent company is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed. We take time to get to know and work with our clients in customizing a loan program that is most suitable to their business. DFI is a perfect solution for small businesses seeking a lower lending amount that banks will not finance.

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