Construction and heavy equipment leasing and financing

Purchasing construction machinery and other heavy equipment is a huge capital investment. Leasing or financing that same equipment through a trusted partner can help alleviate the stress and financial commitment. With Dynamic Funding, Inc., you’re able to choose the equipment for your project requirements – and we’ll help create a financial plan that works best for your needs.

Benefit from commercial leasing and financing for construction:

  • Make monthly payments versus buying outright.
  • Break up the cash flow over a larger time period.
  • Continue to use the equipment for years after the lease is finished.
  • Structure seasonal payments around your busiest times of construction.

Your independent construction equipment leasing partner

As an independent partner, Dynamic Funding, Inc. offers various benefits that you can’t get through banks and larger financial institutions. Our goal is to make the leasing and financing process as easy as possible for you – the customer. That’s why we work together to tailor leases based on your needs, and walk customers through the often-complicated process of getting lease approval.

Helpful industry resources: